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Snow blowers and snow throwers on sale are in big demand this time of year in many parts of the country and there are considerable savings to be made by shopping around and checking out reviews of snow blowers and snow throwers.

Snow Blowers v Snow Throwers

It is important to firstly recognize the difference between snow blowers and snow throwers. Strictly speaking a snow thrower is a single stage machine which throws the snow while snow blowers can use a two stage system as well as a one stage system.


A single stage system of getting rid of snow involves the snow blower or thrower using a high speed impeller to take the snow into the machine and throw it out in one movement. Generally single stage snow blowers are light weight and not heavy duty machines.

Double stage snow throwers utilize a two stage mechanism and tend to be much more powerful machines and come in diesel or electric power options. The double stage snow blower will often have a shear pin on the auger drive in order to clear roads, footpaths, airports etc.

Choosing Snow Blowers on Sale

Before investing in a snow blower you need to decide what exactly you need and this will depend on your work load-if you only intend using your machine to get rid of snow from your front door or a small area then a single system machine will probably be adequate. On the other hand if your part of the country normally gets a couple of feet of snow evey winter and you have a fair bit of property to clear then the two stage machine will probably be best. This snow blower will firstly break up the snow and ice with a fast spinning auger and then discharge it out the chute.


The two stage snow blower will be considerably heavier than a single stage machine so this will be a consideration when you are purchasing, particularly if you are not in the whole of your health.

Electric Snow Blowers v Gas Powered Snow Blowers

The electric snow blower, which tends to be of the single stage variety, is quieter and lighter than a gas powered version so this will also influence your decision.

The surface of the area you intend clearing is also an important consideration as the single system snow thrower is not a good choice if you have a lot of loose stones or gravel around your property-you will need a smooth surface for this machine.

Snow Blower Comparisons and Reviews

You can check out the snow blower comparisons on this site and read reviews from real users of snow throwing equipment. You will see from the snow blower reviews which machine best serves your purpose-remember too that researching and buying a snow blower online offers three significant advantages over buying in the store-

1.       You can do your research in your own time, see all the technical details and make your decision in your own time with the benefits of reviews from people who have bought already

2.       You will not be subjected to the fast talking sales patter of a salesperson whose only goal is to sell the snow blower that he has in stock today

3.       You will have a huge range and choice of snow blowers to choose from and will not be restricted to just one or two brands as you would be in your local store.

In summary, we hope that you find the snow blowers on sale that we review on this site will prove useful for you and aid you in your decision to invest your hard earned money wisely and you read carefully the snow blower comparisons which we provide you with.


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